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Are You Making this Costly Mistake With Your Home Renovation?

It’s one of those necessary evils that we hate to deal with but we NEED it for our home renovations – INSURANCE.  Let’s get real here – insurance is boring.   When planning a renovation, I’m sure you would rather look at countertop samples than read through insurance policies.  But the…

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How to Turn a Basement Blunder Into Basement Bliss

A finished basement can be a glorious thing and it’s often under utilized square footage in your home.  Everyone wants that extra space but the thought of a basement renovation can be scary as hell.  Luckily for you – I have the secret weapon.       Having a plan is crucial…

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Step by Step Guide to Designing a New Kitchen

We’re almost completed our Oeming House Renovation with Alair Homes, so I’m excited to  share a little sneak peek behind the scenes of the kitchen design of this project! This house renovation had a couple of goals – update the aesthetic and make the space more functional for the client.  YOU…

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